Staff Management system - Mobile Application for employyes Of India

Benefits Mobile App - Vayak Staff Care

Benefits to Management

Staff's Current Location & route on Map
Safety of staff by Location tracking
Increase productivity of Staff
Reduce Overtime & Expenses of co.
Reduce administrative costs of co.
Online Staff Management system
Online Staff live Reporting
Increase profit by, reduce false exp.
Company News & Events on mobile
Messages from company w/o cost

Benefits to Manager

Online Field Staff's Attendance
Online Customer Visit Entry
Online Expense Entry
Online Collection of cash / cheque
Online Leave Sanction system
Online Complain Handover to Staff
Online Staff's Location & route
Online Staff Reporting
Create tour plans and assign to staff

Benefit to Staff by mobile

Online Tour & Visit Entry
Online Order Taking & Delivery
Online View Pending Recovery
Online Item's Price, Detail & Photo
Online Future Tour Plan Approval
Online Sales & Commission
Online Expense Entry
Online Leave Sanction system
Online Customer's detail can be seen
Online Work to do & Notes

Mobile Apps - "Vayak Staff Care"

This Apps is for Field Staff, For his online reporting and working.

Staff online reporting with Location and root travel by him, their Tours, Visits, Expenses, Collection, Sales, Commission, Leave and Prospective client list can be entered by staff. All Data entered will sync to office.

His manager or owner can send him future tour Plan, Complains, Pending Collections, Company News, Official Messages, and List of clients with Detail Address, name and Phone No.

He also can plan phone calls, SMS, Work-to-do & Notes. He will get so many reports, analysis and summary of work done by him.

Really this is a great app, with this your staff performance and efficiency will improve and your whole work will be online.

You can save Lakhs of rupees and improve your staff performance by 20% to 30%         For more detail of Saving .....