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For Employee GPS Location Tracking
& Field Staff Online Reporting Apps

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It is Field Force Management Software & Apps
For Employee / Field workforce involved in
Marketing, Service, Field work & Site Supervisors

Mobile App Necessary for

  • Having Marketing Staff in field - Local Marketing, State Level Marketing or National Level Marketing
  • Having Service Staff in field - like repairing of R.O., Air condition, Washing Machine, Lift ext., Computers, Appliance
  • Having Staff at Site - Construction Site, Road work, JCB Work, Govt. contract Work of Dam, Bridges ext.
  • Other Staff - How visit in the field for payment collection, Purchase, Demo, Installations, Delivery, Drivers
  • For Manager/Owners - Mobile Apps is also required For GPS Tracking of Employees and Online Reporting and time tracking of staff

Features of Mobile app

  • Online Staff's Current Location & Route of Employees on Map is available
  • Staff Tour / Visit Entry in mobile
  • Online Employee Expense Entry
  • Online Collection of cash/cheque entry
  • Employee Leave Sanction system via mobile
  • Mobile base Sales / Order Tracking
  • Field workforce live Attendance
  • Complain entry, View by staff in mobile
  • Customer's detail view in mobile
  • Online reports of work done
  • Pending customer Recovery List
  • Live online all kind of reporting
  • Apps Features in detail...

Benefit to Company by App

  • Staff GPS Location tracking & Route Travel
  • Increase profit by decreasing false expenses
  • Employee Performance Improvement
  • Reduce administrative costs
  • Online Staff / Employee Management
  • Live Reporting of Staff / Employee
  • Send tour plans to Employee
  • Company News & Events on staff mobile
  • Internal Message For Employee / Staff
  • Prospective Clients follow up
  • Employee Attendance & Time Tracking
  • Live reporting of Field workforce involved in Marketing, Service & Site Supervisors
  • Apps Benefit in detail...

In short it's GPS base Location Tracking of employees &
Field Staff Online Reporting Mobile Application

How StaffCare Mobile Application Works

Any company involve in field activity like marketing, Service, or site work need workforce for field. But it is very difficult to track all activity of field work force and live on line location on map. In office we can have cameras and thumb base attendance system for time tracking of employee. But for field staff monitoring and controlling is very difficult. General survey says that field staff waste its 20% to 40% of time in unproductive works. Management need fast, on-line and live reporting tool for all field staff / employees. So that all activity can be monitor, control, tracked and guide them in productive way. So every company need Field Staff Management Software like Staffcare.

So we introduced staff care Mobile application for all kind of field staffs involve in any kind of filed activity. Like Sales, marketing, service, support, training, delivery, collection, site work, purchase, installations and other. This mobile application is a best on line reporting tool for employees working in the field. All staffs live current GPS base location on map is available with route travelled by them with approximate distance. So there is very rare chance of mischief and false reporting by employee. So its a real business application or Field Staff Management Software.

What we will provide in Mobile Application

Mobile Apps for your field Staff

  • For online Reporting of Tour / Visits.
  • GPS Location Tracking - Expenses Entry
  • Mobile base Time Tracking & Attendance
  • Route Plan - Company News
  • View Complains / Inquiries.
  • Sales, Order & Collection Entry
  • Zone wise Party Address, Ph. No
  • Staff can Apply for Leave
Field Staff

Application For Manager / Owners

  • View staff’s current locations & travel route.
  • View entries, reports & summary.
  • Manager can verify expense, leaves, future route plans in Mobile Application
  • Manager can also use Staff's features.
  • Manager can control, monitor & track location of staff / employee
  • and so many other facilities ...
online reporting

Admin website for Office Staff

  • All entry done in mobile, are available to HR and back office staff in admin website.
  • HR and Manager can filter, analyze & view all kind of reports.
  • HR and Manager can control all staff’s Registration and Authorization.
  • Also, can export the data in Excel, csv, pdf and use it for salary, attendance etc..
Staff Care Mobile Application

Service, Support and Updations

  • Training of admin website master entry
  • Then training of android mobile app.
  • Efficient use of app in your business
  • Regular updations and support
  • Help in data import from Excel
  • Online support, by call center
Support for staff mamber

Some More Things..

Screen of Apps

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How it Shows location ?
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Price and Rent

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Overall Benefit

Reduce 90% manual work of Field Staff
Reduce 50% - 60% work of Office Staff
Reduce 20% False Tours, Visits & Expenses

Increase Profit & Performance by 20%
Increase Employee / Staff Performance by 20%
100% Peace of Mind

mobile and web based staff managenent system

Save 1 Crore in just 5 Years

Having 20 Field Staff, using StaffCare Apps
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mobile based staff managenent system