Staff Management Mobile Application Of India


What is the procedure to start this application for my staff ?

First of all you have to register your company in VAYAK & recharge Vayak application for required no. of staff. After that you have to generate user id & password for staff in admin panel. That user Id & passwords are required at the time of application registration in staff mobile. Than staff can use this application.

Will you provide training to us to use this application ?

It is very easy to manage this application & we will train your authorized person for it.

As a Management or / Manager how I can see all staff activity ?

You can see the Staff's Locations, Reports etc. on your mobile or in Computer on website.

Which type of mobile required to start this application ?

Android base mobile having Android Version 3.0 with GPS and minimum 2G internet facility is required to use this application.
in old version some latest feature may not work, but now a day this type of mobile is available starting from 3,500. Today most of the staff already have this type of android base mobile.

Internet is required for this or not ?

Every five minutes the data is sync from staff's mobile to web server which required the Internet. But, In remote area where internet is not available their also staff can work in application & when he came in coverage automatically his data will sync. to web server & management can see it. but this apps required 200 mb to 400 mb internet use in a month depending on your usage..

If Staff member change his mobile device / new staff came / Resign than what ?

This application will run simultaneously in the no. of mobiles depend on your recharge.
If staff change the mobile than, in new mobile he can re-register the application using his user name & password.
If Staff resigns & new staff came than remove old user & to new staff give new user name & Password.

How I can save money using this application ?

In most of the company field staffs are not going on proper decided time in field. Company pay them for full day work but instead of going in the field many staffs are at home , some going for half day, some are going late & left the field earlier. Due to this company's output decrease & false expenses increase. So, By using this application you can increase the performance of staff & control the false expenses which results great success.

In our company we are utilizing other software than how our party data will be sync. With staff care ?

From your software, you have to give party information data with zone, service staff Id and marketing Staff id in excel in our required format. That can be uploaded by you with website in staff care app. And each staff member will get data in their mobile, where his id is set.

How Management can view reports to know staff's performance ?

Manager can see some basic reports in his mobile in admin tab. And in our website, In your admin panel you can see more reports. Also you can export reports in excel format for further use.

How long it will take to get license for Staff Care ?

Within 24 hours After completion of order process & realization of payment.

What are the payment option available to purchase VAYAK Staff Care Application?

By Cash / Cheque / NEFT in our bank account.

Why I have to register my company for Staff care application ?

Field Staff Monitoring :-
Field Staff Performance monitoring is a big challenge for any organization
Staff not work Properly :-
Instead of going in field for decided hours, Field staff stay at home or going for less time in field results loss of company.
Monitoring :-
Monitoring field staff for their performance while they are on field is highly essential, but it is very much difficult for company.
Reduce expenses :-
Control on field staff for the expenses done by them is essential to optimize the company budgets.
Online Staff Management :-
Daily consolidated sales, collection by cash or cheque or field staff information are useful for planning.
Encourage Real Performer :-
No. of field staff v/s real performers on the field is important to encourage those who perform honestly and dedicatedly.
Online Information :-
Gathering real-time information from field on sales, collections outstanding or any other information is a challenge currently.
Reduce Administrative Cost :-
Field staff visit entry, Expense entry, Sales & comm. Entry, leave , Attendance etc.. Online , so no need to appoint more staff in admin to take care of field staff. No need to do exp. for more administrative staff & their salary, bonus, tea, space, computer etc. Staff care application is enough to handle all these, so your exp. of administrative cost decrease.

To solve all above problem, register with Vayak For Staff Care Apps

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