Staff Management - GPS Tracking Mobile Application for India

HR Managers activities with latest technology ?

Human resources department Head is managing company's most valuable resources - Employees. So, HR department head has to perform big role and responsibilities to manage employees in good manner.

Recruitment and Staff Hiring Activities

Now on line recruitment activity with website and portals is very common in all over world. on line staff search, mailing and interviews are done by HR. Now in India also so many agency provide staff with the help of portal like, and so many web portals available for on line data.

Motivate Employees and increase Stability

To increase stability & satisfaction of employee, HR head develops employee retention strategies. As a part of that they think of employee motivation, employee benefits, employees provident fund, bonus, gift, wages, salary and so on. HR head also searches for motivational stories, motivational quotes, audio and videos for employee's training.

Develop Staff Policies and Procedures

Performance management systems and software are always work on old staff data, reviews, feedback and past experience. HR Department has so many type of works like preparing employment agreement, training and development, employee details information form, compensation analysis, contract agreement, code of conduct for employees, id card, feedback form, appraisal form, human resource information system and software for employee productivity management. After purchasing and implementing perfect software they need to create employee login and give them proper rights to use the system and softwares for reporting and data entry in proper database.

Performance Management and Staff Development

performance management tools require for monitoring staff in work place. At the same time they need employee management system and software for evaluate staff performance and better control on staff. Employee performance evaluation, appraisal, Payroll, attendance, expense tracking and management is a big job for them. So staff performance management software, time tracking software, employee monitoring softwares like Vayak Staff Care are basic necessity of all Human resource departments.

Staff Controlling, Monitoring and Reporting with Mobile Apps

Now In India, days are changed for staff performance evaluation, so many android applications free and paid available to us. apps for ipad and android are available on Google play apps store and for ipad apple apps store. but each app does a specific small part of work and not so useful for all employees. As now android phone are cheap and easily available to all, application for android phone is better option. Best combination of all the activity of field staff is developed in Vayak staff care mobile & web base staff management system for field staff controlling, planning and reporting. This is a real business app suitable for Indian market and field staff.

Apply Innovative Ideas in the Human Resource


Use of technology in office

Each company requires a good information system and software to control and monitor their staff members. Now a days all company are installing CCTV camera, Finger print base attendance system, Lan, Wan, Wifi and door auto open/close system for their office staff.

Field workforce controlling and monitoring problems

Field staff like marketing, Service staff, site staff and contract base workers, it is difficulty to monitor their attendance and work. So every company need employee tracking software and system for field staff tracking. Now a days all managers and staffs are using latest mobile phones with GPS, 2G/3G Internet, Wi-fi and so on. so now it is easy to use android apps to monitor and control staff members in the fields. Many times managers search in Google play store to download free apps for field staff management, to increase productivity of field staffs like marketing, service & site staff. But they can't get success in it. Because good real business apps are never available in free, because they require big investment in development & skilled efforts for development such intelligent mobile application. Also, data storage of all staffs work requires big web & cloud servers. So, It is difficult to get such application in free. Only Vayak Staffcare is the only one mobile & web based staff management solution of all this problems which any company can use on rent base without heavy investment initially.

Use of Mobile Apps for Field staff reporting and controlling

There are so many smart phone apps available for shift schedule and to track mobile locations. But full day staff activity monitoring is a big problem for all businessman. Only Vayak staff care latest mobile apps is the best solution to solve all your problems. "GPS tracking of staff is possible in Vayak Staffcare apps, which is necessary to improve staff performance & find real distance travel by staff." In that each employees has to install apps in their mobile & do reporting on-line of their work in mobile app Admin office staff and HR department can view locations and all data in admin website on line and on line appointment scheduling task assignment and future tour plan can be set by managers

Site staff supervision problems

For government or corporates, chief of staff is always searching for good tools and technique for project planning and project management software. specially for employees monitoring on site is very difficult task for them. Companies involve in construction, road, building, Bridges, railway, dams and government contract, asset verification work always have some sort of field staff control problems & performance issues because of less control on work done by staff. Remote monitoring of field staff is possible by Vayak staffcare solution with admin website and mobile apps combination.


GPS Tracking mobile App for staff on line reporting

The GPS tracking systems are usually a combination of mobile application & admin website with dashboard. The mobile apps installed on employees mobile phones communicate with the central server. All the companies having field staff can use GPS tracking apps for staff monitoring & controlling. Company's having work of Marketing, construction, delivery, field services, utilities, food, oil, mining etc. can use such application.