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Functions of Human Resource Department (HRD)

Human resources department is for managing company's most valuable resources - Employees. So, HR department has to perform big role and responsibilities to manage employees in good manner.

Staff Recruitment

For every post in company some special skill is required in terms of education, experience and knowledge. It is the duty of HR department to find appropriate person for each post. HR Plays a key role in developing the employer's workforce. They advertise for job postings, check applicants, conduct preliminary interviews and coordinate with managements for making the final selection of candidates.


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Staff Placement & work assignment

HR Department is also involved in designing the Job analysis and Job description for the prospective vacancies. HR Department also assign work to the Staff, defining Job title, job duties, define role and responsibilities. Indirectly we can say that to put right person at write place is the job of HR.

Manpower Planning

HR do the analysis of future skilled staff requirement in company depend on the the number of people leaving the job, New project with company, growth of business, change in technology, product and market.

Employee GPS Location Tracking

Staff Welfare Activity

In big companies all kind of staff welfare activities are conducted by HR department, like staff insurance, Health checkup & medical facility, Housing, Pension, Gratuity, ESI etc. HR Department conducts various employee welfare activities which might include employees get together, annual staff parties etc. HR department also reviews organizational policies and its impact on the motivation of the employees.

Safety of Employees in work space and in Field

Employers have to provide a safe working environment for employees. This is also functions of HR. Workplace safety training and manage the company's workers compensation issues. Where staff is working in field, employer should take their accidental insurance and they should track the staff with GPS mobile tracker. this can help company to monitor and control staff and help them is case of any emergency.

Determining Salary and Wages as Compensation

To do the analysis of Staff salary & increment is the job of HR. Evaluating competitive pay practices and make their own salary structure, promotion policy and increment plans based on performance, experience and seniority. They have to take care of Payroll policy, Attendance management, Group health insurance, Accidental policy for staff and retirement savings fund administration.

Employer and Employee Relationships

One Big job of HR is to maintain and strengthen the employer-employee relationship through job satisfaction and resolving staffs conflict, Solve issues of increment, bonus, leave, transfer etc..

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Staff Training and Development

HR department has to arrange Motivation training and meetings for staff to develop better understanding and healthy atmosphere. Employee training topic might be Communication, Planning, Delegation, Management, Technical skills improvement, discipline, better performance techniques and softwares. Many HR departments also provide leadership training on topics such as performance management and how to handle employee at the department level. They should do evaluation of staff with management softwares. For staff development some corporate company starts own newsletters to give knowledge of new working styles and appreciate staff members who has done good jobs. HR department gives extensive orientation training to help new employees to understand organizational culture.

Information systems in company

Human resources department need better information systems to control all staff. Workforce management softwares generally used to control office staff by using camera & Bio Matrix time and attendance system, but Field staff real time mobile & web based staff management is only possible by Vayak Staff care. This mobile application use GPS tracking to see current staff location & travel route. also, there are so many features like Expense & Leave management, Complain / Inquiry management, Sales & commission, reports etc.


Dismissal and redundancy of staff

HR Department has to take firm actions against employees, who are not following the code of conduct, rules and regulations. This can result in the dismissal of the staff. Sometimes, an company may no more require the services of an employee. The employee may be made redundant.