Staff Management Mobile Application Of India


Staff Location

  • Last Location of all field staff can be seen on map with time by Manager or admin in his mobile or on website.
  • Company can assign emergency work based on current location of staff.
  • In case of kidnaping, theft or accident last location of staff is very useful.

  • Benefit :- By knowing staff location company can transfer emergency work of that area and can help him in case of any problem.

    Staff Location tracking

    Staff Route

  • Travelling route of staff with time, can be seen by Manager or admin in his mobile and on website.
  • Admin can see that staff reached in field on time and work as per planning or not, when he leave the field.
  • Manager can know approximately air distance travel by staff in km.

  • Benefit :- By full day route travel with time manager can judge his working in field. He can see that all given area he has covered or not and at what time.

    Employee Travel Route Map

    Staff Attendance

  • Field staff attendance can be entered by Start/End Day with Date, Time, Location and Details of work done.
  • Monthly date wise report will be available on website.
  • Staff can also see on which day he has visited in which area with in-out time and detail.

  • Benefit :- Company will get online attendance of all field staff, so no need of do data entry at office and much time will be saved.

    Staff Attendance mobile app

    Visit Entry

  • For each Visit, staff will make one visit entry in mobile with party name, person name, work done, photograph and other detail with next followup date etc. and location, date and time will be auto captured.
  • So all visited parties data is saved and full detail of whole day work is available on line with detail.
  • Many reports and analysis will be available on admin website based on visit entry.

  • Benefit :- Company will get online information of all visits, So no need of do data entry at office. In case of staff resignation, all hot inquiries and followups are available to Company.

    Employee Visit

    Expense Entry

    Daily expense of Bus/train Fair, food, Hotel, etc. can be entered by staff in his mobile with photographs. Due to that false expenses will be decreased.

    Benefit :- Manager can verify, approve and comment on the staff expenses online from website or in his mobile at office, home or while traveling.

    Expense Entry

    Client's Payment Collection

    Payment collection from party can be entered with detail of cash/cheque. Payment hand over to office or deposited in bank or with him can also be entered.

    Benefit :- Admin can see that how much collection done and where it is ( with Staff / Office / Bank )

    Payment Collection Entry

    Order Taking :-

    Sales staff can enter order in his mobile with party name, date and detail. Multiple items with quantity and price can be entered in mobile app. All the order data can be synced online to the server and can be seen in office within seconds.

    Benefit :- As live data of order taken is available to office, so 20% time is saved. Every thing is on line and on time so staff becomes more productive. No manual and repetitive work to be done. Field staff doesn’t have to place the order on phone so less chances of making mistakes.
    More detail About Online Order Taking

    Online Order Taking.png

    Complain / Inquiry / Follow up Management

    Office staff can enter new complain/inquiry, that can be handover to specific field staff by manager. Field Staff can view with address in his mobile.

    Benefit :- On line complain transfer by company. In case of emergency company can see the nearby staff’s location and divert it to specific Staff.

    More detail about Complain Handling Process by Mobile App

    Complain / Inquiry / Follow up Management

    Stock Taking

  • Generally FMCG companies collect closing stock information of their stockist, distributors, dealers and retailer with the help of their maketing executives.
  • With this app marketing executive can enter party's stock item wise information in their mobile.

  • Benefit :- Item wise stock can be calculated easily. Manually paper work can be minimised.
    Stock Taking at Site

    Future Route Plan :-

    Admin can send the future route plan to specific staff from his mobile or website.

    Benefit :- If any change came in emergency than can re-schedule the plan and send to specific Staff.

    staff Future Route Plan

    Leave management :-

    Staff can apply for leave online from his mobile with Types of Leave, Reason, Date and for how many days.

    Benefit :- Manager can sanction leave online after checking that how much leave he has taken. Also, he can check that other staff of his department should not on leave on that same days.

    staff Leave management

    Sales Entry

    When staff sale any product / services, he has to do sales entry with Party, Sales and Commission detail.

    Benefit :- Staff can see his total sales, date wise and type wise with commission for given period.

    Online Sales-Entry

    Party Detail Online :-

    Staff can see all the details of Party like Address, Contact no. etc. and can call/sms to them. Also, can send change request, if change in party detail.

    Benefit :- Company’s data will remain up to date due to continues updation from staff and when new staff join, company can handover party data easily.

    Party Detail Online

    Pending Recovery Collection :-

    Staff can see zone wise or party wise latest pending collection list in mobile

    Benefit :- Without demanding pending recovery list from office staff can do party’s recovery easily.

    online pending collection

    M.I.S. Reports and Analysis

    Staff is doing all entries of work done in his mobile. Data entered can be filtered date-wise, staff-wise and type-wise. Data can be viewed in detail or it can be summarized date-wise, staff-wise and many other ways. Admin can view his and sub Staff’s all kind of reports online in mobile and check their performance and mistakes. All reports can be export to Excel, PDF and Word.

    Benefit :- Online data entry done by staff, No need to appoint data entry operator so company’s expense will be reduce and all kind of M.I.S. reporting is available.


    Company News and Events

    Company’s Progress, Achievement, workshops, etc. related news to all staff can be send without cost.


    & so many other facilities like

    - My Notes
    - Prospective Clients
    - Pending Calls
    - Bulk Sms
    - Send Message
    - My work to do etc....

    Staff Care Mobile Application

    Special Features for Site Supervisor

    Site Live Reporting (Site Time Sheet)

  • This option is for Site engineers and Supervisor. He has to enter work progress of site with photos and comments, after every 1 or 2 hours, as a part of site live reporting.
  • The progress on site is visible at office, in photos and detail given by supervisor.
  • Site engineer has to present at site full day, to take live photos and online reporting. His location is auto tracked by app.

  • Benefit :- As site engineer has to be present full day, better quality of site work can be achieved. Site theft and material wastage can be minimized. Workers performance will also be increased.

    More detail About Site Staff Online Reporting

    Site Live Reporting.png

    Site Worker's Attendance

  • Supervisor can take project wise worker's attendance in his mobile app with photo, date, time and location.
  • Mutiple attendance type can be set like (morning, evening, overtime etc.) or shift-wise (shift 1, shift 2, shift 3 etc.)
  • One supervisior can take attendance at many site and one worker can work on mutiple site.

  • Benefit :- Due to proper attendance of worker, their salary can be easily calculated. Supervisior's mischief regarding salary of worker can also be reduced.

    Site worker's attendance

    Site Material Movement/Stock Taking by supervisor

  • Supervisor can do live data entry of Material Received, Material Send, Material wastage, Material Consume, Material Transfer and Material Stock in his mobile app.

  • Benefit :- Total material consumed at each site can seen. Material wastage can be minimised. Supervisior does not need to maintain the record in register.

    Site Material Management